Advanced in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator; designing prints of all sizes from business cards to billboards. Enjoys retouching photographs, designing advertisements and observing trends. Studied Product Design, Design Management + Innovation, Computer Science, and Applied Theology.
A creative independent worker and team contributor focused on results. Primarily interested in functional design-the art of communicating visually-and delivering information using images; great experience in communication, as a leader, preacher, teacher, counsellor and evangelist.
Working style is adaptable and has been involved in projects which offer research time for optimum effectiveness, and also short term projects which find success in the application of prior experiences. Sense of achievement gained in working economically with the resources at hand.
Studying computer science with Harvard Extension School, learning C, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS and how to use standard libraries and practices, sorting algorithms, Bash interface, and Cryptography.
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