Proverbial soup started as a project to get myself designing something every day. Initially the daily graphics had more attention put into them than the vehicles driving them - a functional website and some social media channels. At the anniversary of the Proverbial Soup in November 2020 I was able to spend some time on those vehicles, the simple emoji-based icon is now replaced with a purposefully designed Logo. The colours are strong yet pleasant and now offer a brand-continuity - a considerable challenge given that each day's image looks entirely different.

Proverbial Soup, an ongoing series of new graphics daily, is catered to people looking for timeless wisdom and statements which stand up to the modern world's scrutiny. English-speaking internet users from all over the world visit the website regularly, making their homepage. There are small followings of young adults on the social media channels. The website, made without any website builder, has been refactored to be highly sharable on every product’s page.
The Greek slogan below, in a simple Victorian san-serif says, ‘μέτρον άριστον’ - Measured is best.
Measured is the word that best summarises this new Logo and brand design elements branching from it. Everything has been considered and applied with modesty. The traditional roundel is timeless and could be chiselled into a coin as nicely as it today sits within the contemporary framing of a social media profile picture.
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